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I purchased 3 dolls from an antique store 5 years ago because I'm a lace collector and the outfits these dolls were wearing was amazing.  They all wore Victorian gowns made from antique lace and I had never seen anything so beautiful.

I bought the dolls mainly for what they were wearing and had no idea about the dolls themselves.  In looking at the dolls they all had unique signatures and names and all were made by Vlasta - Pat Thompson.  They are all 29" - 32" tall approximately with hats.  They are all Victorian ladies with magnificent gowns and hats.  One has a point de gaz wedding gown and veil.  One is marked Special #7   3/100 - Isabelle 1989 by Pat Thompson, the second is marked 3/100 - Sybil 1987 by Pat Thompson, and the 3rd is marked Special #24  4/100 - Diedre by Pat Thompson (she is in the wedding gown).  I was just wondering if anyone new what they were worth?  I paid about $500 for each.




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Good evening.
I see you left that comment while ago.
I was wondering if you selling any of those dolls.
Thank you. Tatiana
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