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Hi, my husbands Aunt gave her bridal doll to my niece to sell at our garage sale. I stopped her because it seemed like that might be a mistake. The doll has never been taken out of this plastic "bell" case. From what I understand our Aunt had the doll sitting on the head table at her wedding and all of her bridesmaids recieved "bride's maid dolls".  Is this something worth hanging on to or putting on ebay. My niece is 8yrs old and I think if she doesn't sell it she wants to play with it. The doll seems to have a little brown stuff falling out of her hair on to her shoulders but beyond that she looks to be in brandnew condition. Her eyes do close when you lay her down, her white gown is mostly lace with a ribbon at her waste and some silver accents at the neck line. If you want to see a picture let me know  I will see if I can post one.

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