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I work at a company that takes donations from estate sales. We recently received these two dolls and after hours of searching on the internet for some information I'm still confused as to what kind of dolls they are. They appear to have paper mache heads I believe. Open mouth, teeth, mohair formed as a wig. The boy one does have the number to on the back of his neck. They don't have shoulders just heads. Their bodies are completely cloth except for their hands. The girl has leather hands to look like nice covers. The boy has maybe composition hands? Their outfits are extremely nice. The seamstress because I believe they are handmade did very good job but I'm not sure if they are original to the doll or not. it appears that the boy maybe the person was trying to make him into a marionette cuz he has thread coming off his arms and his head but I'm not sure. They have beautiful eyes. Please help I joined and online Facebook group for dolls. And I have received many different suggestions as to what they are but none of them that's really help since I still not sure. Thank you in advance.

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