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Undoubtedly you have scores of people who come here looking for answers, even though they are not actively involved in doll collecting.  So I apologize in advance for asking for your help, and taking your time.  I have Google searched and found nothing.

This doll, was given to my wife by her grandmother.  It appears to have porcelain head, hands and feet.  Auburn hair and dressed in a lacy dress.  I can't even find a name on the doll.

My wife is not a computer person so she has given me the job of finding out about the doll.  She wants to give it to our grand daughter but she would like to have some information to go along with the doll.

Please do not spend a lot of time researching this, if you happen to know something about the doll that is great, otherwise it is not a high priority.  (Except for the fact that I will be chastised for supposedly being the computer guru that can't find out something about a doll.)  She who must be obeyed has given me this assignment so I have to take it sort of semi-seriously.

Thank you in advance.

Dr. Greg

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