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I have an Antique Bisque Bye Low Baby Type I Need help identifying.  He has no maker marks.  No feet, Kewpie type hands, Painted (faint) face.  The eyes are blue. A line on top of head at first thought to be a mold seam line but after inspecting the inside of the head it is not.  Head and lip for shoulders is one piece and the body is fitted up around the lip and the cloth was sown in a loop stitch to tighten it to the base of the head on top of the lip.  There are no holes in the head piece for the thread to be sewn through.  There are holes in the wrist of both hands to allow the thread to pass through to sew to the body. The body was stuffed with some gray matter that looked a cross between sawdust and something from a mouses nest and it is tightly packed.  I do not think the clothes are original.  The first pics were enhanced to make the color more vivid the color is more in line with the last pics.  Any insight would be appreciated.  IMG_20171117_130836.jpg  IMG_20171117_130844.jpg  IMG_20171117_130847.jpg  IMG_20171117_130632.jpg  IMG_20171117_130648.jpg  IMG_20171117_130650.jpg  IMG_20171117_130706.jpg  IMG_20171117_130708.jpg  IMG_20171117_130716.jpg  IMG_20171117_130720.jpg  IMG_20171117_130725.jpg  IMG_20171117_130739.jpg  IMG_20171117_130750.jpg    IMG_20171117_130755.jpg  IMG_20171117_130800.jpg  IMG_20171117_130836.jpg    P7310084.jpg  P7310085.jpg  P7310086.jpg    

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