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Please help me in identifying this doll. Sandy1779 16 0
by Sandy1779
Zwergnase doll collectors AmeliaKerr 8 0
by AmeliaKerr
Found dolls MrADG 15 1
by BeckameT
Need help Identifying an antique doll AntiqueHusband 12 0
by AntiqueHusband
Need help with a porcelain doll j_story101 13 0
by j_story101
Help Identifying Dolls Jferguson 77 2
by BeckameT
Vernon Seeley 1977 Kimstar232 18 0
by Kimstar232
Can anyone tell me some info for this doll please Sindoll 69 0
by Sindoll
Help Identify This Doll unit91 54 0
by unit91
Does anyone know these dolls? keljo19 59 0
by keljo19
Which modern dolls can fit the Cher and Farrah Faucett 12 inch doll? SocialWorker_46 52 0
by SocialWorker_46
Does anyone know this doll? KristyN 63 0
by KristyN
To wash, or not to wash? Madame Alexander CentralFLTed 69 0
by CentralFLTed
seeking info on very 2 old dolls dori2681 86 0
by dori2681
Doll and Maker's Mark Identity? SingingWolf 118 0
by SingingWolf
Anyone know anything about these two gems?? jocerice 90 0
by jocerice
Anyone know who the maker of this doll is. Topher29 154 0
by Topher29
Madame Alexander First Ladies menamae63 102 0
by menamae63
Mystery childhood vintage doll ChristineW 123 0
by ChristineW
Found an old porcelain doll leg in a field Jettafock 107 0
by Jettafock
Help with Chinese Refugee Development dolls Ramswin 102 0
by Ramswin
What is this doll? Giolissa 126 0
by Giolissa
What is this doll? Giolissa 103 0
by Giolissa
Please help Meldiane2 113 0
by Meldiane2
Yard Sale Find Sheva 119 0
by Sheva
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